Reduce the Prices of Medicines, Says Dr. David Pulman GSK

For several decades, Dr. David Pulman GSK has been considered as one of the figures most influential in the success of GlaxoSmithKline, especially in reference to its global presence and operations. Industry insiders and people who have worked with him would surely agree that he has made valuable contributions to the company, many of which would have been impossible if a different person took over the positions given to him in the past. His knowledge in the manufacturing sector has taken the company into unprecedented heights, especially when it comes to global supply chain management. This has also been instrumental in the increase in its competitiveness, and hence, its profitability. Although he was responsible for managing different factories in multiple countries, he was able to demonstrate a robust and effective management approach.

Among many things, Dr. David Pulman GSK is known for being one of the many people advocating the reduction in the prices of medicines. This is something that he has given emphasis in many of the speeches and keynote addresses he has given in the past. He noted that even people with retirement money or those who have the financial resources are doubtful on whether or not they will spend for medications. His advocacy to lower the prices of medicines is something that is commendable. This is basically because of the fact that he worked at one of the popular pharmaceutical companies in the whole world. Commonly, these companies will not advocate price slash because it will mean reduction on the revenue that they will generate. It was a bold move for Pulman to voice out his opinions in this matter.

In addition, it has also been said by Dr. David Pulman GSK that the reduction of prices of medicines can be considered as a strategic initiative in order to bring back the trust of people in pharmaceutical companies. This is in relation to his assertion that people do not find companies in this industry to be reputable, and the skyrocketing prices of medicines can be one of the reasons for such, taking into account that there are cheaper alternatives. It is also often ranked within the group of banks and tobacco companies as the least trusted companies. Therefore, slashing the prices can be one of the most effective ways by which they can win back the rust of the public.

Nonetheless, he pointed out to the fact that reducing the prices of their products would mean sacrificing quality. Companies should take on the challenge of introducing more affordable medicines without the need to compensate their efforts in research and development, among other factors that will be indicative of the quality of the medicines that they produce. Pharmaceutical companies must be able to find ways by which they will be able to save from operational costs in order to bring their prices at the lower level.